Welcome to the website dedicated to the entity we call: Michael Key Maykey.

We are here both plural and singular. Namely, we are a team of people working on the presentation of Maykey, and that is me (Gabriel Nicholson) who has been teaching skills from Maykey for more than four decades. So, you will often come across “I” in the text, but also “we” – it doesn’t matter.

As I may say, Maykey is not from here. So he was not born on planet Earth, but that does not mean he is not an earthling. Likewise, it easily passes from one dimension to another, from one constellation to another, from one universe to another, and at the same time is present in all these places at the same time. How is that possible. There are basic spiritual laws, one of which reads: “He is a part and a unity. He is every part and every entirety. ”Let me trivialize this expression a little: He is now present next to you, in you and in what you are reading, but he is also in other places, billions of light years away.

Yes, that’s him, my teacher. Can I do that? Eh, not really. I can do some of that, I wouldn’t explain what because I don’t have His permission to give you such explanations. Maybe you can do something of that and you are not even aware of it. The books Maykey dictated to me could help you with that. I must immediately draw your attention to the fact that Maykey has an incredibly developed sense of irony, humor, and eros, when we speak of a spiritual entity. That is why you need to read each of the books several times, and then some miraculous understanding will begin to flow into you and you will understand how positively you change and how your life becomes more valuable and meaningful.

This web site and its content is up to you. If you visit it more often, ask interesting questions, we will expand it in that direction and reveal to you many new possibilities, which are already in you at this moment. So it’s up to you how much you want to find out, how far you want to go within yourself, and how much you want Maykey to become your teacher one day.

We wish you a pleasant sojourn here, all the composure and all the curiosity of this world at the same time.

DIMID Spiritual defence botanical drops

DIMID, has its origins in very old times. There were always 25 drops of this drink, which was poured into half a glass of clean water. Today’s measures say that 25 drops is the same as one milliliter, and half a glass of water is one hundred milliliters of water. Anyway, this certainly says that it is not a coincidence and that the recipe comes from higher intelligences, higher levels, or from entities from other dimensions.

The drink was always given to people who were, as it was once called, “under attack” – that is, people who were under the influence of dark forces, demons, demonic forces and something dangerous. Also, the drops were given as a preventive measure. People who were in danger of coming under the influence of dark forces took these drops and consumed them in this way. The herbs from which the drops are made are mixed through the mixing ritual by spiritual teachers who are specially trained for that. In that sense, the spiritual effect of these drops and their strong fight against the darkness and evil that has occupied or wants to occupy man is provided.



Shining Spirits, as objects, are also made by Warriors of Light. These are extremely complex and spiritually pure processes performed only by Warriors of Light of the highest rank. There are several types of Light Spirits, but each of them has multiple effects and we would explain that effect on hundreds of pages of text. That’s why we decided to just introduce you to these actions, so that you can more easily choose which object is suitable for you (although you can also select more objects). Also, as in the case of the Holy Objects of the Book of Movement, here we will present to you only those Light Spirits that can carry or keep in their house (or apartment) persons who are not within the Order of the Book of Movement.

Shining Spirits are expressed in crystals, most often in semi-precious stones, and the color and type of these stones determine their purpose. Why Great Spirits? Because these crystals become a kind of safe abode for the higher levels and they defend these abodes with all their sublime possibilities, and in that way they defend those who carry these Spirits with them or associate them in their house (some of the crystals can be kept at home). Also, these objects represent places through which the extremely great power of the Book of Movement is manifested to the outside world. In that way, you are protected by the higher levels, but also by the Book of Movement itself (and she-the Book comes among the supreme protectors).



You should not give sacred objects into the hands of others, if they are intended for you. If you bought it for someone from your family or friends, inform them not to give it to others.

If the object is pierced and you want to wear it on a bracelet, chain, brooch or similar, then you can take it to a jeweler to install it in your jewelry, but after that do not give it to others again. If you have a Holy Movement Book Object intended for you and want to give it to someone, then ask your customer to contact the person from whom he supplied it so that it can finally be forwarded to the Warrior of Light and only when you get approval you can give your item. Otherwise, giving without approval may do more harm than good. Finally, NEVER carry the Holy Objects of the Book of Movement in leather bags, leather straps, etc., because it is the skin of a killed animal.


Harmonious Series, completely harmonizes a person in relation to his jobs, environment, health, safety, family, love, awakens creative potentials, brings new solutions, new benefits in human life.


Complete health protection. This collection stabilizes and preserves human physical and mental health.


A strong motivator of new activities. This collection of Great Spirits acts as a powerful antidepressant, giving extraordinary motivation, more activity, more joy, more smiles and satisfaction.


Strong spiritual development. In front of you is a collection that will encourage and enable your stronger and faster spiritual development and progress through spiritual knowledge.


For stable and progressive success in business. The collection is composed in such a way that it enables you fast, stable and progressive success in various types of business (from production, through trade, all the way to management and banking).



With Maykey there is always an answer and that answer is always in our favor, to every individual who reads this but not only to them but to other people as well. Where is the answer, what is the answer? He has the key to everything and always. After all, his family name is Key (which is actually – the key). In his third name, more like the nickname Maykey, he deliberately added the letter “a” to make you think about what it is. Here, with his permission, I say throw out that letter “a” and you’ll get: Mykey. If you break that word down into two, you get: My key. Maykey is his key, but he is also your key, to each of you individually. That is one of the reasons why the book ends incredibly ironically. Look for your key – if you find it, you will understand what it is about.