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When I start writing about any of the books or texts written by Michael Key, people usually expect me to write about him personally first – who he is, whether he comes from some other dimension, galaxy or universe … I have to disappoint you. Never has anyone taught me so thoroughly the spiritual fields as Maykey, that I have truly loved him as a teacher, as an entity, and that there is no chance, not even a theoretical one, of talking about it or writing about it in public. I can only write what he himself told me and allowed: “Yes, He is someone else.”

In case this web site expands and your interest in it grows, I am quite sure that in time you will come across more and more information about Maykey here. Will you be able to ask some questions? Of course, anyone who orders books or other products from this site worth $ 50 will have the opportunity to ask one question. Please note the following: questions must not relate to the origin and personality of Maykey (otherwise you will not be answered), do not ask questions that have already been asked and to which there is an answer (it is pointless to answer the same question twice), be cultural in your questions (don’t use vulgar language, etc.)… That $ 50 price of the goods you order was set by us and not Maykey. Also, if you get a discount with that price, you will get that discount, regardless of the fact that you asked the question… We do not guarantee that you will get an answer to each of your questions, because there are many (there are really a large number of questions) . I can ask your question Maykey and it is up to him to decide whether to answer it or not. Sometimes, I happen to ask him someone’s question and he keeps quiet. So it happened that he answered me in a few months or a year. It doesn’t depend on me but on him.

All your personal information, once disclosed to Maykey, will be destroyed, so as not to abuse your privacy. Before asking questions, you should write your first and second name, date of birth, city and country in which you live. If you want us to answer you by e-mail, send us your e-mail as well. You have the right to one question. You should also put a nickname under which we can post your question and answer it (we do this because the answer to your question can be important for many other web site visitors and they can find the answer this way) . In response, we will publish your nick name and the country you come from or live in. Other information will not be published (except for your question and answer to the question). After that, your email with your data is destroyed, in order to avoid any possibility of abuse of your privacy.

You can also ask Maykey for help in solving some life problems (don’t ask him for money and similar things). If he decides to answer you, he will most likely help you. Sometimes, he thinks that you should go through that phase of life in which you are now, and that it is good not to intervene. Namely, going through that bad life phase you are in will help you to solve some issues easier later in life, which will be much harder for you then, but with this experience you will solve them easier. If you get an answer from him that he will help you, don’t think that you have solved the problem. Namely, the assistance is related to one law, and that law is most often called law number seven. I will paraphrase the law – if you want me to help you, you have to do your best to help yourself all the time, because if you don’t help yourself to the maximum, I won’t help you either.

If you would not view this chapter and the entire web site as something that is exclusively commercial but something much deeper and more important for you, you have the opportunity to ask a question to Maykey without buying from us. Namely, to more easily feel the presence of Maykey, his liveliness, his willingness to answer a question and help you, you should pay attention to the following. In order for Maykey to be more visible, or more noticeable, it is necessary that there is one letter in his name (first, second or third, whatever). You need to answer what that letter is. If you know what that letter is, you will have the option to ask a question or, in turn, ask Maykey for help to help you in your life circumstances. Don’t open a large number of different emails now and submit them to the submit form, because Maykey sees everything and knows everything, and that could then have a negative effect on your future destiny. Therefore, write which letter it is, in your opinion. If you are wrong, wait ten days and try again. The same rules apply to you as to those who bought something from us. In that sense, you can hardly view this part as a commercial part of a web site. You have absolutely all the rights as others.