About Us

Ariel C Grant

Simply put: a great and unique designer. Its versatility reaches to astonishing heights. He also deals with the design of fashion, industrial products, books, web sites, music, movies, photography… we could list many more.

He often worked with Gabriel C Nicholson and received significant world awards for many works. There is another similarity between the two. Namely, both of them are inclined to sign their works with names that are not really theirs, but are temporary for a project. He usually signed with “dragon” (with a small letter “d”) or with only one letter, and that is a capital letter “D”, although he also used other names.

Anyway, he is the winner of truly prestigious awards. However, he did not care about the awards and he deliberately insisted that we not list them here. He met Michael Key Maykey through Gabriel G Nicholson and entered this project with great enthusiasm.

Ariel Grant already has grandiose achievements behind him, but he is so full of freshness, new ideas, he loves to work so much that we are convinced that those best works are just ahead of him. It should also be borne in mind that in his son Charles he managed to develop a huge love for design, creativity, art, mysticism and most importantly it is the need to be his own and different.

Ariel C Grant is a really big design name. Almost all of you know him, but under different names. By changing the names, Ariel C Grant wanted to avoid some kind of personality cult, to avoid egoism, and to devote all his energy to his deeds.

Charles C Grant

Charles is the son of Ariel C Grant, whom Ariel acquired while still very young. Anyway, what is similar to them at first glance, is the fact that they are both very large and well built. When I was born (text written by: Gabriel Nicholson) I jokingly produced it: Screamer. He was incredibly loud, he screamed day and night and he was restless. So, I’m revealing a secret to him and to you that I called him that (after a semi-horror movie). Over time, he became calm, composed, devoted to learning, mysticism (I believe he is a student of Michael Key Maykey, but I’m not sure about that), design. He learned design from his father Ariel C Grant for a long time, and in time he began to develop his own style and his own approach to it. At a very young age, he began to develop his style, his approach. It often happens that I don’t understand his new approach (when he creates something new and shows it to us). However, later, when I exclude the works of his father from my head and my approach to that matter from my head, then I understand, grasp or feel that approach of his, which I like more and more.

It is the style of the new generation that is coming or has already arrived. Older artists and critics mostly talk about how we gave up the great values ​​of the twentieth century and how now we have nothing new, nothing great. It is normal, if viewed from an old perspective, for something new to be mostly unrecognizable, or even repulsive, shallow and far worse than the previous one. However, in order to see this new, valuable and future, it is necessary to exclude many of our knowledge, prejudices, beliefs and to enter from one almost emptiness what is offered to us as new. Not! We will not understand, at least not new enough, but we will understand that this space is not empty, it is not without content, it is not without value. For many, this is no longer their space (so it is easier to deny these new values ​​than to acknowledge our own inability to accept it as a value).

Charles is one of those who offers something new and who is with us at the insistence of Maykey himself. And now I see that it is really an interesting value – which, when accepted, is truly respected.

Gabriel G Nicholson

Gabriel G. Nicholson is a unique artist, a unique personality – sometimes we wonder if he is a human being. Yes, he met Michael Key Maykey as a little boy before going to school and they have been inseparable ever since. Maykey has been his teacher since the period when Gabriel did not go to school. Thanks to that, even as a preschool child, he knew how to read and write very well, and he especially read poetry, especially for adults. He made very rapid progress in the study of the spiritual sciences by Maykey. He also made rapid progress in the literature. He wrote his first poem at the age of eight and has been writing continuously ever since.

At first he enjoyed publishing his literary works. However, over time, the tone became less frequent. He published more essays, literary criticism, reviews of art and film works, and less and less published his works of art. He finally stopped publishing them. When he needed to publish a novel, or a collection of poetry, or short stories, he always did so in a language other than his mother tongue and under a name he had invented for the occasion. He used to say, “I am important to my friends, as they are to me. And my works should not depend on my biography – if they are valuable, they will remain permanently, if they are not valuable, they will disappear permanently. “

When you compare his books, regardless of the language in which they were published, in the order in which they were published over time, then you realize that you have before you a single work written in several volumes. How is that possible – from childhood to adulthood to have a completely solid and unified concept that forms an inseparable whole. Tp is him, one of Maykey’s best friends. And yes, at first they couldn’t stand it, in fact Mr. Nicholson couldn’t stand Maykey. However, they are now like brothers And thanks to Mr Nicholson we have before us books written by Maykey.

By the way, Gabriel G Nicholson has published over fifty books of poetry, prose, essays, books on mysticism, mostly in completely different languages. And as for essays, reviews of works of art, art criticism, film criticism – there are over a thousand and maybe many more (when he gets to do it, we don’t know). He is here with us, as one of those leading this project And we are grateful to him for that.