1. Jano (Ostrava Czech), 24 years old

Question: Were you born on planet Earth?

Answer: I (Gabriel Nicholson) know the answer to this question and I should not repeat it to Maykey. First this question is of a personal nature in relation to Maykey, and our rule is not to answer such questions. But since the first question is of that kind, I will answer it and I will not answer such questions again. Maykey was not born (or created, or as you see fit) on planet Earth. That may mean that he is not an Earthling, but it does not mean that he is not. Namely, he participated in the creation of this planet and very actively. Look for the rest of the answer in yourself.

2. Karl (Hamburg, Germany), 32 years old

Question: I have a disease * (we put a sign, not the name of the disease, because we think it’s about keeping the privacy of the person) can you help me heal?

Answer: It is true that your condition is very difficult, even critical. But look at life as a story. Every story has its beginning, development and end (as the ancient philosopher claimed that the story-mythos is actually the soul of tragedy). If it ends prematurely, then it is an unfinished story. On the other hand, if you extend it after the end, then it is no longer the same story. If you allowed yourself to die now, your story would be unfinished and bad. So the answer is: I can help you. But you have to help yourself all the time. Listen to the doctor’s advice, take regularly prescribed therapies. You can walk a little. Behind your house is a small but beautiful park. Take a walk every day as much as you can, without too much effort and let that be your beginning of working on yourself. How do I know you have a house and a park? Well, I’m in your room at the moment, but also in you and your surroundings. You have a beautiful parrot who loves you very much, don’t you? I could describe your room * (we do not publish the description of the room for impulsive reasons).

Comment: Karl wrote to us after three months (doctors estimated that he would live much shorter), and he expressed great gratitude and joy in the letter. And we are happy about that. Karl is now a perfectly healthy person.

3. Albertino (Rome, Italy) 28 years of age

Question: I have two girls * (we omit the description of girls due to respect for privacy), it’s time for me to get married, tell me which one to marry?

Answer: This is an easy question. Tell both of them that they can have one or more other guys besides you and that you won’t be angry about it. The one who refuses it will be your maid in the house (do you really want your wife to be a maid). The one who accepts it means that she has a personality and is aware that she has something valuable in her (do you want your wife to be a person who demands the same respect as you). So what do you want? If you want a maid then take the first one, if you want a person take the second one. You can always get a maid and pay for her work, and it is very difficult to find a person. Decide.

4. Andrea (Gent, Belgium), 26 years old

Question: I got a job in a company where an extraordinarily handsome man is sitting across from my desk. I fell in love with him at first sight. He is so handsome that I cannot approach him, because I immediately fall in love, and I would like to have fun with him. Can you help me?

Answer: Eh well you really fell in love, I see you well. I see him too, he is a nice guy. Read carefully – he is not indifferent to you, you are dear to him and that could grow into love. Oh, what bad luck !, you’re both shy. You have to fight for love. Be brave, come to him and invite him to dinner, he won’t turn you down, I guarantee you. You think you’re not pretty enough and he thinks he’s not pretty enough for you. And you are both beautiful. But more than that, beauty is the inner thing and you both have it. Feel free to approach him. It is not so much the external appearance that is important, but the inner beauty, the readiness to fight for it and what your inner attitudes are.

Comment: After a few months, Andrea called us, she is married to that guy and now they are expecting a baby. Wonderful, isn’t it.

5. Debbie (New Ark, USA), 22 years old

Question: That’s right, I’m fat, I have 240 pounds and I fell in love with one actor * (we don’t name the actor for private reasons) from the TV series, because I lie all day, watch TV and eat (I really like to eat a lot). Can you make that actor come to my house and marry me, bring me food in bed and make me happy?

Answer: You would probably want him to do your laundry, clean the house, bring in large sums of money and have sex with you regularly. You have a great idea, I just envy your imagination. Maybe it would be a smart solution to buy a robot of his appearance, which would do everything you mentioned. Ideal! At the same time, the company that created the robot pays you a huge amount of money every month, in order to praise the robot in a few sentences every month. That’s for you! One must constantly fight for love and quality. That struggle is first of all internal, you need to outgrow yourself as you are now. After that all the other fights go easier. You decide for yourself what to do. You are young, you are strong enough – show that you can beat yourself, outgrow yourself. After that, whether it will be an actor or someone even better than him – so it’s up to you.

Comment: After a little over a year Debbie answered, she sent a photo, it can be seen that she is really beautiful and next to her is her boyfriend who is in love with her. A sweet, true life story. At the same time, this story is one of the many cases in which Maykey can be ironic, moreover, cynical, while helping people a lot.