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    • $10.00

      It is a book of poetry. At first glance, the poetic being who writes the verses has lost his mother and he sings about it. However, who is the mother – the mother becomes an angel only when she is dead. The beauty of life, especially nature, and the grief…

    • $10.00

      The distant future, the mythical past and the present, connected through poetry, prose, texts that are between poetry and prose – with a strong sense of tragedy, humor, spirituality … A book within which each reader should find his key to understanding and re-reading … No, this is not a…

    • $10.00

      A novel about real warriors of light, which the author obviously knows personally (and who himself belongs to them), their specific fight against evil, which at the end of the novel does not disappear but is hidden. This is a novel that mentions the Light Guard for the first time…

    • $10.00

      A book that seems easy to flow, easy to read, even easier to understand. But it is so at first glance. In fact, it is a novel in which spirituality, death, eros, love collide, fight, mix and love at the same time. A book in which there is no difference…

    • $10.00

      The book presents cycles of several short stories. Some stories are explicitly tragic, difficult, spiritually and philosophically emphasized, some are completely twisted, like a garden of anti-utopia, and some are, again poetic, miraculous and intoxicating. And yet such a book is a Whole. How is it possible? Quite simply, it…